In This Issue - Volume One

The Journal of Public Scholarship in Higher Education Volume 3  features the following articles:

Three Questions for Community Engagement at the Crossroads: by Kevin Kecskes and Kevin Michael Foster

The University of New Hampshire Engaged Scholars Academy: Instilling in Faculty Principles of Effective Partnership: by Charles French, Julie E. Williams, Judy Tang, Eleanor Abrams, Lisa Townson, Mihaela Sabin, Lorilee R. Sandmann, and Cameron Wake

Civic Learning through Public Scholarship: Coherence among Diverse Disciplines: by Lina D. Dostilio, Norman Conti, Rebecca Kronk, Yvonne L. Weideman, Sarah K. Woodley,
and Nancy Trun

Building Community Engagement in Higher Education: Public Sociology at Missouri State University: by Leah Woods, Jamie Willis, D. C. Wright, and Tim Knapp

Being in Community: A Food Security-Themed Approach to Public Scholarship: by Barbara Harrison, Connie Nelson, and Mirella Stroink

Preventing Graduate Student Heroic Suicide in Community-Based Research: A Tale of Two Committees: by Nancy K. Franz

Reciprocity as Sustainability in Campus-Community Partnership: by Alan Bloomgarden

Review of Building Playgrounds, Engaging Communities: Creating Safe and Happy Places for Children (Louisiana State University Press, 2013): by James Huff