Call for Reviewers

Special Issue Call for Reviewers

JPSHE is opening a call for reviewers for a new special issue devoted to the intersection of higher education community engagement and sustainability. We broadly define sustainability as the ability to maintain the ecological, social, and economic needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own ecological, social, and economic needs.  Half of the issue will be devoted to manuscripts from faculty involved in the Campus Environmental Stewardship Project through Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont Campus Compacts. The other half will be general submissions related to the topic from faculty, staff, or students from around the country. We are looking for reviewers particularly interested in this topic. 

Submit the following application form and your CV to Tabitha Underwood, Ph.D. Executive Director of Missouri Campus Compact

Special Issue Call for Reviewers and Application

General Call for Reviewers

Missouri Campus Compact welcomes applications for new reviewers for the Journal of Public Scholarship in Higher Education.

The Journal of Public Scholarship in Higher Education is an academic peer-reviewed journal with a focus on community/civic engagement. JPSHE aims to advance the status and prospects for publicly engaged teaching and research in the academy by showcasing the new disciplinary and/or pedagogical knowledge generated by engagement with the community. JPSHE welcomes diverse manuscripts, from empirically-based examinations to critical reflection pieces, theoretical investigations, commentaries, case studies, and pedagogical and research designs. All submissions must identify implications for the growth and viability of public scholarship in the academy.

Missouri Campus Compact has published annual volumes since 2010. Starting with the 2015 volume,  JPSHE is now hosted online in an open access format. It is currently indexed in Google Scholar, EBSCO Education database, and ERIC.

More information concerning JPSHE can be found on our website: 

Projected Timeline for Publication

This timeline may be adjusted based on author, reviewer, or editor schedules and unforeseen circumstances.


Manuscripts undergo a desk review for appropriateness to the journal’s aims. 

Authors notified when pieces are sent out for review.

March – May

Peer review period.

May – June

Authors notified of publication decisions.


Author revisions due.

July – September

final edits, with author input as needed



As can be noted from the timeline above, peer review typically takes place from February through April. However, a rolling submission process has been put into place with publication to continue to take place in October, which will distribute editing duties from August through April.


  • Evaluate 1-2 manuscripts a year (more if needed) and determine if the manuscript is (a) accepted with minor revisions, (b) in need of major revisions and reconsideration by reviewer, or (c) not appropriate for JPSHE. 
  • Provide specific feedback to the editors and the authors about style, presentation, and content.
  • Respond to editors and complete reviews in a timely manner. Reviews should be completed within one month.
  • Conduct anonymous peer reviews involving guidelines set forth by JPSHE.


We are looking for higher education faculty and staff with a terminal degree who have a background in community/civic engagement research and/or practice. Reviewers must be committed to assisting with the progression of the field of public scholarship and be able to devote time to the review process. Previous experience with publishing or serving as a peer-reviewer is recommended.

Submit the following application form and your CV to Tabitha Underwood, Ph.D. Executive Director of Missouri Campus Compact

Reviewer Application